El Chaltén

El Chaltén is a small town isolated from other towns hundreds of kilometers around the south of Argentine Patagonia.

It's small, but with everything you need: wifi and good post-climbing beers.

El Chaltén

Upon arrival we saw that there were people climbing on the rock wall that flanks the village on your right.

We did not know that there was sport climbing and we were happy when we realized it.
The next day we prepared the backpacks and prepared to march towards the wall, however, when we left the Mamut, I noticed that there were much higher climbers to be treated as simple sports tracks.

We heard something in the information center of the park rangers that there were multi-pitch, but the information did not seem very reliable, however, there they were.
We are very happy and we changed our sports rope for the multipitches.

The roads are to the right of the town as you enter. It looks pretty clear.
To access, you have to go into the town and go to the right margin where a river runs.
There is a bridge and you have to cross it. But beware, it's private property and it's not allowed by car.

We did not find information or topography on the Internet about the pitches. Luckily there was a roped that we could ask and they informed us in an orientative way.

The route we made was composed of 4 pitches, quite recognizable thanks to a fissure diagonally above the whole in the last pitch.

4th pitch Diagonal fissure

We could graduate it orientatively in the following way:

1st pitch: 6a

2nd pitch: 5+

3rd pitch: 6a

4th pitch: 5+

It is a pity not to have taken pictures of the whole way. It is best to ask in the area. Even so, it is quite recognizable. It is very well equipped with Bolts. You can descend walking, but it is preferable to rappel. With a single rope of 70 meters rappel without difficulty.

Last rappel

Here are some more photos of the climb:

Last pitch

1st pitch

2nd pitch

TOP. Fitz Roy in the background.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us! 😊



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